Monday, 5 April 2010

Happy Easter- Vellum suprise

Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it, and for those that don't may you have enjoyed the enforced break! (although with all that cooking and all that eating, I'm now officially exhausted!)

This year I was given strict instructions not to buy big easter eggs or copious amounts of chocolate for my nephews so I bought them a Lindt bunny each for Easter. Problem was it looked a bit folorn sitting there all on its lonesome, so here was my take on this year's Easter eggs.

The tag is made using kraft CS, overlayed by whisper white and basic black. On Nick's package, I just used chipbpard letters and painted them in my ruby red marker. The bunny image is from Stampin Up, however it's stamped on vellum in stays on. I then put my recent marker tutorial to good use! I turned the vellum image backwards, and coloured in the image using my markers in the style of the stained glass technique. On Jack's package I managed to screw up the chipboard by selecting a marker that was to dark a green which meant there was vey little contrast between that and the black backing paper. So I had to cover the letters in paper and file off the sides. Because the letters were small, and little cheap ones from a $2 shop, they kept bending and as such the overall effect was a bit rough, but thankfully he didn't seem to mind!

Hold onto your easter bonnets though because I found vellum tape that's invisible and that doesn't require you trying to hide the glue with ribbon, embellishments or relying on brads to fasten! Best thing is it doesn't cost the earth either! It's "Scotch" brand vellum tape from Big W. It comes in a smallish roll and is tacky on one side and has a waxed paper on the outside. You simply snip off how much you want and affix it to the back of the image. Using your finger just rub the waxed paper up and down a little to warm it, and then peel off the waxed paper the same way you would for double-sided tape. It leaves a transclusent tacky glue that's a little visible whilst you're holding the vellum, but as soon as you stick it to neutral card stock, Bam! it dissapeared! In this case I stuck it to whisper white CS and then cut around the image with my snips. I attached the cutout with dimensionals for fun.

The boys loved them and didn't take long to devour the bunnies, although in true testimony to how much they liked them, they carefully pulled the labels off and kept them aside! (If only they were always so easily pleased!)

The vellum trick also works a treat when you print out images directly onto the vellum with the laser printer. I printed a few easter images from free clipart sites and used the same stained glass technique to make labels for the easter egg packages for work collegues.

*holds tummy* I never thought I could get enough chocolate, but I think that last Ferrero Rocher did me in!


  1. Gorgeous bags Anne-Marie. Glad your nephews liked them! (And glad those marker tutorials are coming in handy!) Must try some of that tape.

  2. Great job on the eater bags. I must admit that time got away from me this year, so I didn't get to do anything fancy for easter. Oh well, maybe next year! Xyron sticker makers are great for vellum too - you can't see the adhesive at all.