Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Baja Breeze DSP

Up until fairly recently, I really didn't have any DSP. I was stamping images onto cardstock and using that. Now I've got a couple of packets, and it really does make life soooo much easier if you want just a simple card, with a little detail, ut very little time to do it in. This card took me about 5 minutes. Even when you include the inside, and the matching envelop I think I had change out of my 10 min. That said, sometimes the least fussy ones can work the best...

I used SU Choc Chip CS as the base, and used a panel of Baja Breeze DSP, together with a creamy textured paper called Fundamentals - Cardmaking for conoisseurs. It's made by Fynmark an usually sold at Spotlight and Lincraft et al. It comes in a pack of 20 in the 148 x 210 cm size and you can buy matching envelopes. It has a really lovely feel to it, I have used it for more formal cards (wedding cards etc) as a base. The texture is quite strong so I haven't had much success stamping directly onto it. Here is a close up so you can see the texture I'm talking about:

The ribbon is from SU. Its a polka dot grosgrain robbon and it double sided, so you can use either the dotted side or the plain side. The quality is fantastic, as its thick enough for the patterned side not to show through if you want to use the plain side. (I bought some cheaper ribbon and you could see the dots faintly through and it frayed really easily).

As you may have noticed, most of my ribbons usually are plain or have knots. It's not that I don't like bows, its just that I'm usually really crap at them! This video on Teneale Williams' blog (for those of who who are not aware - she is the Queen of bow makers) makes it do-able, even for me! That means you all can, no really! Check out the video: http://www.tenealewilliams.com.au/wp02/2010/03/17/close-to-blushing-14-days-to-go/  I used a little kitchen twine to tie the bow together in the middle. I like the contrast to the choc chip. With some matching panels on the flap of the envelope voila!

David thinks its a little TOO plain. Maybe it could do with a little sentiment above the ribbon on the left hand side. I guess I can always add that later when I decide who to give it to. What do you think?

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