Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Wedding Cards

The thing about making your own cards, is that you end up always looking at shop-bought cards and wondering how something so expensive can be so banal at times. In this case, one of my best friends went wedding card shopping only to come back empty-handed. She asked if I could make something, and it was an interesting challenge because I wasn't sure I could pull off a card that wasn't too 'home -made' but not 'cold'! (does that make sense to anyone but me?)

In any event, this is what I came up with:

The embellishments were only $3 on sale at Spotlight. They came with some other bits and bobs and the veil was a lot longer (I just gave it a trim) but I mounted the outfits onto textured silver-grey paper which was in turn mounted on SU whisper white and back onto the grey before being mounted back onto the whisper white card stock.

It is a top folding card which was a bit different and the ribbon was American Craft in the discount sale box. (I promise the ribbon is straight in real life but it just won't play ball in the photos!)

The inside was an attempt to flow on from the outside, but when I stamped the greeting, my hand moved, and I botched the stamping! In a mad panic I was trying to work out how to patch it up, and after a few not so clever ideas, I did manage to use the scraps from the grey textured paper to matt the greeting I re-stamped properly onto another piece of the WW cardstock. In the end, I think it turned out better than the original look I had in mind!

The grey matting around the greeing helped break up the expanse of white, whilst still leaving room to write in the card. Dont you love it when mistakes can be positive!?

(I'm not sure why it stubbornly posts side-landscape when the photo is portrait) sorry about having to rotate your heads. Any hints would be welcomed! Hopefully you can still get the general gist of what I was getting at!

Of course, a wedding card is never complete without a matching envelope, so I kept the theme going with more scraps and the same greeting...

I hope you like it, and mostly I hope the couple likes it. (Its always so hard when you've never met the recipient of the card).

Happy scrapping people, and in keeping with the wedding theme, look out for my next post which will be my very first attempt at a scrapbooking challenge! http://tanjawestwood.typepad.com/stampamemory/2010/02/quote-to-remember.html . *Fingers Crossed!*


  1. Gorgeous! Doesn't look 'too homemade' - looks beautifully handmade, and exquisitely finished! They'll love it, I'm sure.

  2. This is co cute. One of the best among the wedding cards that I have seen.