Monday, 8 March 2010

Craft Cupboard & Storage

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a trip to Ikea. My storage space for all things crafty was an underbed box, which then turned into two underbed boxes, three plastic bags, four shoe boxes and almost a partridge in a pear tree!

What would end up happening is that every time I felt like crafting, it would turn into this great saga as essentially I had to unpack everything just to get at a handful of items. It got a little crazy and in the end I wasn't achieving much at all as I had to allow a long enough block of time to unpack - craft - and pack back up, and let's face it, who has that much time?

My solution was a bookshelf in the study. It's the expedit bookshelf from ikea and you can buy insert cupboards and/or drawers. I bought both together with some funky black storage boxes and so far so good! What I like best is the paper sorting drawers from Big W. I have all my favourite and commonly used colours in it and it makes life so much easier when I have an idea about what I want!

You can also buy a desk that fits in snugly off the side: It would be a great space saving option for those who have limited space, but to be honest I'm not so keen on being tucked away in a bedroom while I scrap. I usually spread out on the dining table so David and I can chat away and sill spend time together despite doing 'our own thing'.

So now all that is left is to make little tags for the storage boxes to indicate what's inside. What do you think? I'd love to see your solutions!

Till then, happy crafting!


  1. LOVE storage pics. Your unit looks great Anne-Marie. Have fun spending more time crafting and less time unpacking and packing up. Cheers, Sue

  2. I love IKEA! I've got the half size version of yours to store (some!) of my supplies in. It fits magazine holders nicely and keeps my mags nice and tidy.

    Happy Birthday (a little birdie told me!)

  3. Congratulations on your fabulous purchase, Anne-Marie! I LOVE Ikea, and have a few gorgeous storage solutions in my craft room. I have a larger Expedit, but without the drawers - they look GREAT. Love the black and white together. And belated Happy Birthday!

  4. Hey Anne-Marie, thanks again so much for that beautiful, stunning wedding card you made for me. Love it!!!