Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Wedded Bliss

Even though David and I had a wishing well for our wedding (we bought our house and had two separate return trips to Italy and got married in that same 12 month period!) I still always feel a little guilty giving people money. Somehow feels so last minute, even if it's not.

So I figure making the card is my way of saying "hey, this is a big deal and I'm putting a lot of effort into it". Problem? I'm largely a clean and simple girl, so it often doesn't look like I spent so much time on it. Check out this card for example:

I made this card for my cousin's wedding. The striped ribbon went right around the front of the card so I was able to tuck in the cash and make it part of the card. Nifty, but totally by accident! Hehe

I was kind of happy that it came out as clean and simple as it did. Finding a wedding card that's not too girly can be difficult. This was my way of keeping it unisex. (granted it did have a little flourish on the cake and some wedding rhinestone bling on the flowers!) but overall fairly plain and more about texture than colour. The fact that the card stock is linen-grained and the silver cake is embossed gives it a 'specialness' (is that even a word?) but hopefully doesn't look too plain and slapdash. What do you think?

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